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                       STATE HOUSE DISTRICT #10
        ARUNDEL, DAYTON, LYMAN(part)



                                           Welcome to the 2014 home page of  




       The district has changed slightly since 2012.  The former district was HD#140, which consisted of Arundel, Dayton, Lyman(part), and Kennebunk(part).  The district has changed to HD#10 which covers Arundel, Dayton, and about 3/4 of Lyman. I have given a map to the Town of Lyman to show the residents which district they are in and it is at town hall.  But if anyone would like a district map, please e-mail me at  or go the the "Contact Me" tab and I would be glad to send you one.




As in the past, I don't believe your tax dollars should be used for campaign spending.  I believe that spending those scarce dollars should be prioritized to our nursing homes or education or many other things that need additional funding, not on yard signs, bumper stickers, or fliers.  I also believe you should not be forced to fund a candidate with your tax money that you do not support. That's why I have always traditionally financed my campaign, that way if you support me you have the option to donate, but that is your choice.  If the average person knew how dirty "clean election funding" was, I'm guessing they would not support it.  Just as an example, Justin Alfond has raised almost $200,000 for his PAC over the last 2 years, now he's taking "clean election" money (your tax dollars) to run his re-election campaign.  The people that take "clean election" money say they are keeping the big money out of politics and that if you donate to my campaign, that's somehow dirty, but some of these same people are getting $10,000's or more to their PAC's and that's O.K., and this PAC money will be spend in races for "clean election" candidates, something is wrong with that.  So you can see I need your help.  If you would like to help me with my campaign, either with a donation or putting a sign up at your house or making calls to your friends and neighbors, or write letters to the editor on my behalf,  I would appreciate any help you could give. If you would like to donate, you can just click on the donate button or go to the contribute page of this web-site.  If you would like to help in another way please send me an email at


Thank you for all your support and VOTE WAYNE PARRY on Nov. 4