(Note: Maximum Contribution is now $400.00 in the General Election)

I have chosen to run a privately-financed campaign, because I believe that contributing to somebody’s campaign should be a CHOICE. We are already taxed too much and should not have to pay more in taxes for fliers, bumper stickers, yard signs and TV ads. I could not, on the one hand, say “send me to Augusta to represent you and your tax dollars” and then use those tax dollars to run my campaign.

This campaign season, the TAXPAYERS of Maine will spend millions of dollars on so-called “clean elections”. The problem is, “clean elections” candidates still benefit from outside money in their campaigns. My opponent will take up to $15,000 of your tax dollars to spend on his campaign. I firmly believe that with the thousands of friends, families and neighbors out of work due to the pandemic, and while trying to keep state spending in check, this is just a bad use of YOUR tax dollars!

To contribute, please text or call me at 207-229-5195, or message me on Facebook. The best time to contact me is any time after 3 PM (I’m on my lobster boat until then). Thank you so much!

Lobster Boats at Anchor in Ogunquit, Maine