Wayne Parry – Return Common Sense Leadership to Augusta!


Thank you so much for your recent vote of confidence in me to again be your State Representative for District 10. I will do my best to earn your vote as your State Representative.

As State Representative for District 10, my mission is to help fix what has been broken. COMMON SENSE is sorely lacking right now in Augusta, but with your support I will work to return it and be YOUR VOICE against tax increases once again!

As a former state rep, I supported the largest tax cut in Maine’s history, reducing the tax burden for ALL Mainers.

But now, under liberal leadership in Augusta, every single dime has been spent. Unsustainable spending over the last two years and now the pandemic means taxpayers will feel the pain … and have no voice.

Wayne Parry

Contact Wayne:

Text or call: (207) 286-9146
Email: wayneparry@roadrunner.com

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