Wayne on his lobster boat the Black Jack

Wayne Parry’s lobster boat Black Jack

I have lived in Maine my whole life, growing up in Windham and graduating from Windham High School. I then worked for Coca-Cola, driving a truck for almost ten years. In 1989, I started my first small business but soon after realized how much easier it is to collect a pay check than to write a pay check. Unsuccessful in my first business venture, in 1995 I went to work as a sternman on a lobster boat. Three years later, I was able to buy that boat and start my own lobster bait business.

After years of watching the mess going on in Augusta, I decided that I needed to try and fix the problems instead of just complaining about them. In 2008, with the odds against me and never having been politically active, I came within 99 votes of victory. So in 2010, with a little more knowledge, I ran again and this time the citizens of Maine House District 140 saw fit to send me to Augusta. I was re-elected three more times. It was a great experience and I believed my common sense helped me greatly in Augusta.

Showing up and doing the job that needs to be done has, and always will be, my commitment to you. In my eight years representing YOU, I only missed five days (three days were launching my lobster boat) of the state legislature being in session. It was an honor for me to serve as YOUR voice in Augusta and I hope to do so yet again. One thing we have learned over the last two years is that COMMON SENSE has left Augusta. I believe I bring MAINE COMMON SENSE to the table!